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"The capsules are not for me but for my wife who has been suffering from M.E. for the last 12 years. Since taking the capsules, she has not caught any viral infections. This is a great relief because previously she was prone to catching anything going around, which obviously set back any chance of meaningful recovery."


Shark Liver Oil 

Natures Natural Immune System Booster

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  -  Fibromyalgia
M. E. -  Immune Deficiency -  Post Viral Syndrome -
Colds & Flu and other viruses.

All can be helped !

A Unique Natural Product
Promoting A Strong Immune System

Nulife UK's Shark Liver Oil 

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Fight off M.E.
 (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

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"Shark Liver Oil is the name of purified ether lipids - alkylglycerols - with exceptionally strong biological effects." - Professor Ingemar Joelsson , MD.,Phd.

M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) has confounded the medical profession for many years, and even now there is no known cure for the condition. The debilitating effect it has on sufferers can make their lives a misery, with some sufferers so badly affected, they have to use a wheelchair to get around. To alleviate their discomfort, many people have turned to natural remedies. Probably the least known, yet very effective of these remedies is...

 Nulife UK Refined Shark Liver Oil.
 Sold by the British company Nulife UK

Nulife UK is used by many M.E. sufferers and we have received testimonials from chronic fatigue sufferers describing the transformation they have achieved after taking the capsules on a daily basis.

For more information - shark liver oil facts -  testimonials, and ordering details - click on the relevant links. Order your supply today and help your Immune System guard against Colds and Flu, and fight back against M.E., A.I.D.S., cancer, post viral syndrome / chronic fatigue syndrome and other illnesses.

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Shark Liver Oil capsules